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              Keywords : Plastic Box Toolbox Plastic Bottle Barrel Series Daily Necessities Baby Safety Seat Auto Parts Medical Fitness 


              Quality begins with care, innovation comes from professionalism
              • Blow molded tool cases
              • Floating dock,brand pontoon
              • Children toys series
              • Pet supplies
              • Furniture series
              • Medical Facilities
              • More series

              Whychoose us ?
              26 years of export experience, specializing in two-color blow molding, ultra-large blow molding, injection molding

              Advanced technology and equipment
              The Group has more than 40 years of production and production experience. In Taiwan, China and Malaysia, there are two, four and one factories respectively. The company has obtained ISO9001 certificate.

              26 years of export experience
              It is produced by the advanced blow molding process of first-class equipment. The products have the advantages of light weight, high impact strength, corrosion resistance, durability, large bearing capacity and anti-skid.

              Specializing in two-color blow molding

              Ultra-large blow molding, the product weighs up to 25KG,

              The maximum size can be: 2.8*1.6*1.5M super large injection molding,

              The product weighs up to 5.5KG.

              COMPANY PROFILE

              Our company specializes in the design and production of blow molded plastic products.
                     Zhongshan Jinting Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. established Zhongshan Jinting Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan, China in 2003. We specialize in blow molding plastic products, from small to very large-scale production, from professional design, mold development, All aspects of the export of finished products have made us a leader in the same industry in Taiwan and the Pearl River Delta. [More+]

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              We provide you with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.

              Mr. Bright Zhang


              Maggie Leung


              Jane Chen


              Day Li


              Lucky Lai



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